Greencastle Business Owner Charged: Accused of Swindling Grieving Families

Richard Freeman Jr., the proprietor of Bronze & Granite, a Greencastle, PA-based company specializing in headstones and tombstones, is now facing formal charges. He is accused of not delivering headstones to bereaved families despite having received upfront payments for the same.

Bronze & Granite, under Freeman’s management, assured grieving families timely delivery of headstones and tombstones to commemorate their loved ones. These services, often a vital part of the grieving process, were promised by Freeman to be delivered with utmost respect and professionalism.

According to reports, these families entrusted Freeman with thousands of dollars before any services were rendered. Unfortunately, the families allege that they did not receive the promised products or any form of return on their payments. Their trust, it seems, was met with empty promises and evasion.

The charges against Freeman were filed following an extensive number of reports made by victims of his alleged misconduct. An arrest warrant was subsequently obtained, and a full-scale investigation was launched to get to the bottom of these claims.

The investigation uncovered a shocking number of similar allegations against Freeman. A total of 35 victims came forward, each narrating almost identical encounters with the business owner.

According to the victims, Freeman entered into contracts with them, establishing a fixed price for the headstones. However, he allegedly insisted on upfront payment before the products were even ordered.

Despite having paid in full, the victims claim that they were continuously given the runaround when they tried to contact Freeman or his business. Their attempts to ascertain the status of their orders were reportedly met with evasion or a string of excuses for the delayed or non-existent delivery.

Adding to the families’ distress, Freeman is said to have promised delivery of the headstones on special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays. This apparent act of compassion only resulted in further disappointment when he failed to honor these commitments.

Freeman is now facing serious legal repercussions for his actions. He is being charged with 22 counts of a third-degree felony and 13 misdemeanors for theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received. The charges highlight the severity of his alleged actions, exploiting grieving families for financial gain.


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