Habeeb: Saving Children from Mass Shootings

Submission by Mike Hayduk

Imagine this is your child.  You sent him off to school in the morning and he never came home again.  Just another victim in the epidemic of mass shootings.

Look for images of what happens to human bodies when shot by an AR-15 style assault rifle.  It was designed to be a weapon of war and over the decades it has been made to be even more lethal than its original version. 

A case for regulation

In my opinion three things need to be regulated.  Muzzle velocity (how fast the bullet flies), rate of fire (how many bullets can be fired in a minute), and magazine capacity (how many bullets can be fired before reloading is necessary) to reduce this mayhem. 

Will it eliminate all mass shootings, no.  But isn’t it sane to save just one life.  What if that was your child’s life? 

When we worship the cult of the gun, and politicians simply offer thoughts and prayers rather common sense gun safety legislation, we will continue to see more shootings in our churches, schools, grocery stores, everywhere. 

Blaming mental illness or lack of school safety rather than focus on how easy it is for evil doers to get their hands on these killing machines is in itself a mental illness that seems to have afflicted our elected leaders across America. 

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