Letter To The Editor: Changes Needed In Health Care Insurance

Letter To The Editor: Changes Needed In Health Care Insurance

Health insurance is supposed to protect people in their time of need.  But with prices going up and networks getting smaller, it’s hard to tell what we are paying for. 

This is especially true when premium-paying policyholders still end up with unexpected bills because their medical expenses are not fully covered, or not covered at all, by their insurance. 

A recent study by Stanford University found that 42 percent of patients had to pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, even though they had insurance and even when they were treated at an in network facility.

Most people don’t realize they are one heart attack on vacation or a car crash while visiting out-of-town friends from a financial crisis resulting in their treatment and care. 

Congress helped almost 20 million people get health care coverage with The Affordable Care Act but has yet to require insurance companies to have networks that adequately serve patients. 

This needs to change. 

Debbie Taylor
Mercersburg, PA

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