WellSpan Health: Health care provider upping its minimum wage

An area health care provider is doing what state and federal legislators have failed to do for low-income workers so far — it is upping its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

WellSpan Health announced its decision this week.  The increase becomes effective July 4, 2021.  The move will also provide increases for team members who currently make slightly above the new minimum.

The change is part of a multi-year strategy that will position WellSpan to be the employer of choice in southcentral Pennsylvania, the organization said in a news release. Southcentral Pennsylvania’s largest locally governed health system said it is “grounded in an unwavering commitment to its 20,000 team members across the region.” 

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The move represents a nearly $30 million investment by WellSpan in its workforce and the communities where they live.   

“The people of WellSpan are the heart and soul of this organization,” said WellSpan President/CEO Roxanna Gapstur. “We are physicians and nurses, housekeepers and food service workers; all working as one to meet the healthcare needs of the community.”

She said raising the bar for minimum wage will help ensure all employees and their families are well-supported. Lower paying jobs in health care are generally security guards,  

The increase will be the latest update to WellSpan’s minimum wage, which has stepped up over the past several years.

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Current minimum wage at $12.50

At $12.50 per hour, WellSpan’s current minimum rate is more than $5 above the federally mandated minimum wage.  

Conversations around this latest increase began prior to the pandemic, Gapstur said. During the last 14 months, the health care system doubled down on efforts to support caregivers and support staff.

That included the launch of the WellSpan Health Family COVID-19 Assistance Program; funded in part by a temporary reduction in executive salaries; and deploying a host of other programs and services to help employees in need, professionally and personally.  

“We are pleased to continue investing in our people for all the hard work and dedication they have shown, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bob Batory, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for WellSpan Health.

He called the move “also an investment in our future workforce.”

As a leading regional health system serving south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, WellSpan offers competitive salary; well-regarded benefits packages and paid time off; a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; support for career aspirations and professional growth; and the chance to give back to local communities by joining its non-profit mission of service.

For job listings impacted by this impending change, all open positions, and more on the benefits of a rewarding career with WellSpan Health, visit their job site here.

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