Help needed: So everyone can celebrate

Help is needed to make sure everyone can celebrate Christmas this year.

Close your eyes and imagine what Christmas would be like if you lived alone; with no one around to experience the holiday. How would it feel to sit alone and have a can of beans for dinner while others celebrated with food, presents and each other?

For many people in our area, that is the reality, which is why the Salvation Army Christmas Dinner is there. Volunteers try to bring the spirit of the holiday, as well as company, food and presents, to the almost 600 people normally served who would not have a Christmas without them.

They deliver meals to Office of Aging and Meals on Wheels recipients; and others in need of a meal along with food, presents, and friendship to all. We will deliver their Salvation Army meal. This year again, because of the outbreak of Covid, all meals will be delivered.

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How to help

However, in order to make everything happen, help, in the form of volunteers and food, are needed. Volunteers help make the food, wrap presents, deliver to shut-ins and those in need.

 Because so much food is consumed, donations are needed to keep from using too much of the Salvation Army’s foodstuff.

Also needed are presents for all ages, from babies to the elderly; as well as volunteers to prepare the food, wrap the presents, set the tables, cut up desserts, deliver the meals and help with serving and clean up.

Jessica Doubell, who has helped with the dinner for many years noted; “As a volunteer , I look forward to doing this every year, because it is really well organized, we have fun together and it feels good to help others.”

For those interested in helping or donating, please contact the chairman of the event, Lynne Newman at 717-263-2151 or 717-360-2407.

This is my 31st year chairing this event and every year so many people who would not have a meal and a present are so appreciative of our efforts. Please make sure they will have a Christmas holiday.

Lynne Newman

Chambersburg, PA