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Homicide suspect facing multiple charges

A homicide suspect wanted for allegedly murdering two people at a home on Neil Road in February is back in Pennsylvania facing a dozen charges, most of them felonies, in Cumberland County.

Larry Burns, 49, Chambersburg, also known as “Koo Koo Bird,” fled the state following the murders and an arson fire in the early morning of Feb. 23 at 132 Neil Road. He was apprehended by federal marshals March 22 in North Carolina. Federal marshals arrested a relative, Cordaryl Burns of Detroit the same day in Detroit.

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An affidavit filed by Pennsylvania State Police in the case lists both men as a homicide suspect and co-defendants; but there is no public record yet of charges filed against Cordaryl Burns. At the time of his apprehension, federal agents said they turned him over to Detroit authorities for extradition to Pennsylvania. Cumberland County District Attorney Sean McCormack initially sealed the arrest warrants and all records concerning the investigation. Larry Burns records were unsealed once he was returned to Pennsylvania. Presumably Cordaryl Burns records will become public once his extradition is complete.

Police allege in charging documents that are now public records in Larry Burns case that investigators were able to track Cordaryl Burns cell phone to Larry Burns Chambersburg home as well as to the scene of the Cumberland County fire that day.

The case

According to those court documents, the murders of Eddie Shaw and Frankie Thomas were the end result of an argument over a woman living with Thomas at the Neil Road house. Larry Burns considered the woman “his,” according to court document allegations.

During their investigation into the murders, police interviewed witnesses who knew Burns, Thomas, Shaw and the woman, as well as neighbors at both the Neil Road home and Larry Burns Chambersburg home.. Some of those witnesses talked about Burns obsession with the woman, who he felt “belonged” to him, and about messages from him saying he had put a $50,000 “bounty” on Thomas head.

One witness told police about a fight between Larry Burns and Thomas over the woman prior to the murders.

In addition to witnesses, police traced the movements of both Larry and Cordaryl Burns using footage from a surveillance cameras at Larry Burns Chambersburg residence, around Chambersburg and even in Cumberland County. Investigators also tracked movements of both of the Burns suspects through their cell phones.

Cell phone records put both men at the Neil Road residence just before neighbors reported the residence on fire.

The fire

The fire was reported early the morning of Feb. 23, around 5 a.m. It was already pretty intense when the first firefighters arrived, necessitating responses from multiple area fire companies. Firefighters found Shaw’s and Thomas’s bodies while fighting the fire. Thomas was found in a car outside the house. Shaw was found in the basement of the house.

Autopsies later revealed both men died of gunshot wounds to the head. Investigators found a loaded black .45ACP Glock 21 semiautomatic pistol in a field across the road from the house. Two spent .45ACP shell casings were found in the driveway near the car where Thomas’s body was located. Forensic evidence tied the gun to the murders.

The charges

Larry Burns faces these charges:

  • Murder of the first degree, 2 counts
  • Conspiracy — murder of the first degree, 2 counts
  • Conspiracy — homicide, 1 count
  • Arson — inhabited building, 1st degree felony, 1 count
  • Conspiracy, arson, inhabited building, 1st degree felony, 1 count
  • Flight to avoid apprehension, 3rd degree felony, 1 count
  • Criminal mischief, damaging property, 3rd degree felony, 1 count
  • Abuse of a corpse, 2nd degree misdemeanor, 1 count
  • Tampering with/fabricating physical evidence, 2nd degree misdemeanor, 1 count
  • Possession of an instrument of crime, 1st degree misdemeanor, 1 count

What’s next

Larry Burns was returned to Cumberland County last week, it appears from Court records. Magisterial District Judge Anthony Adams refused to grant bail based on Burns flight in February to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Burns faces a mandatory arraignment in Cumberland Countr’s Court of Common Pleas July 11.

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