Hours-Long Standoff Sunday, Ended in Arrest after False Imprisonment of Woman and her Daughter


On April 3rd, Pennsylvania State Police were alerted to a physical and sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by Rashawn Spriggs at a residence on the 500 block of Park Circle. When police arrived at the scene, they found Spriggs, who had falsely imprisoned a 32-year-old woman and her 11-year-old daughter.

The Assault and False Imprisonment

According to police reports, Spriggs had confronted the woman about alleged infidelity and assaulted her multiple times during the course of the argument. During this prolonged incident, Spriggs also allegedly brandished a handgun and threatened to shoot the woman, her daughter, and himself if she tried to leave or didn’t do what he said.

Police Response

Upon arrival at the scene, troopers made visual and verbal contact with Spriggs, but he refused to come out of the house and threatened to harm himself. Police set a perimeter around the residence and tried to negotiate with Spriggs for several hours in-person and by phone.

Special Emergency Response Team

Due to the “nature of the incident” and it taking place in a densely populated area, the PSP Special Emergency Response Team responded to the scene. After a “lengthy” period of negotiations and “specific dynamic actions,” Spriggs finally surrendered and was arrested unharmed.


Spriggs is currently facing charges of false imprisonment of a minor, false imprisonment, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, and simple assault. He is being detained in Franklin County Corrections on $100,000 bail.

Future Charges

Spriggs may face more charges in the future as he is not allowed to own a handgun due to previous arrests.

The hours-long standoff in Chambersburg ended with Spriggs’ arrest for false imprisonment of a minor. The incident highlights the importance of taking domestic assault seriously and the need for trained responders, like the PSP Special Emergency Response Team, to handle volatile situations.