Letter To The Editor: In Support Of Bill Everly

Letter To The Editor: In Support Of Bill Everly

Dear Editor,

My name is Michael Kalathas.  I am one of the owners of the Orchards Restaurant.  I was born and raised in Chambersburg PA.  I always look to better my community in every way that I can.

I have known Bill Everly for many years.  Those that know him know that he is an amazing man.  I want to tell everyone that doesn’t know him that he would be an incredible Borough Council Board Member. 

He has a very big heart.  I don’t know that many people like him.  He is a very smart and successful business man and has helped many people in this community already.

He is a proven leader and will help keep the borough on a successful path.  I hope to see everyone vote for him and witness the amazing leader help this community in every way he can.

Thank you
Michael Kalathas
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