In unprecedented times, silence is acquiescence


Thesetimes are truly unprecedented and silence is acquiescence.

Black Lives Matter. Period.Full stop.

I confess, when I first heard that phrase, my immediate reaction wasthat“All Lives Matter.” I was wrong, and part of the problem.

For white Americans, please understand that what you are being asked tomeaningfullyconsider is the unique experienceofBlack Lives,ourfellow Americans.

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It is not enough to avoid being a racist.I humbly submit that it is likewisenot enough to be anti-racist.It is aboutactual,meaningfulchange.

To Franklin County demonstratorsof this past week, thank you.

My office is not far awayfrom the demonstrations in Chambersburg.Ipurposefully left my window open andheard you.I also heard those motorists honking support all week.

This is America, and you have performed a very American act.

America weeps with you for theappallingmurder of George Floyd, and what it represents.I encourage you to continuein thispositivespiritof change and equality,andtonot abandon this momentum.

Demand that our national and localleaders authentically confrontinstitutional racism.

Moreover,expect anddemand that they actuallydo the necessary hard work to finallycorrect ourshamefullyfailed promise of equality for all citizens.

In the midst of this ugly political climate of division and tribalism,thoughtfullychoose only those leaders thatunite us rather than divide us.

OnJune 1, 2020, both the United States military and the Holy Bible were grossly misappropriated.An American heroand Patriot, General JimMattis, was moved to eloquentlycomment ( was 100% correctin every single sentiment he deliveredand Iproudlystand with him.

For my fellow Republicans, I encourage you toexhibit political courage andneverputtheparty beforethecountryor conscience.

In Union There is Strength.

In November, we mustvote.We must unite.One Team,One Fight.

May God Bless the UNITEDStates of America.

Very Respectfully,

Matthew D. Fogal, Franklin County District Attorney

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