Intense storm downs trees, power lines

Intense storm

The cleanup began this morning following an intense storm that swept through Franklin County last night, damaging property and causing power outages.

Torrential rain, lighting and straight line winds kept area fire departments busy for hours.

A large swath of Guilford and Greene Townships east of Chambersburg were without power all night and most of the morning. As of 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, 464 West Penn customers in Franklin County and 671 in Fulton County we’re still without power.

Some areas could get more of the same this afternoon. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warnings for central Franklin and east central Fulton Counties. At 2:09 p.m. a severe thunderstorm was already reported over McConellsburg.

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Franklin County 911 handled calls for for downed trees, wires and flooding last night. In the middle of it all, a call came in for a house fire on Phoenix Drive in Chambersburg.

Franklin Fire Company sent out a truck and squad right away.

While enroute, the first responders were told the house, which was struck by lightening, was possibly located off of Spring Lane. That drastically changed the running route and access. The house in question has a lane connecting to Phoenix, so firefighters headed toward that location.

While the Special Service crews were handling the house fire, both engines were staffed and on the street running other calls.

Other damage

Two sheds were hit by lightning strikes and had smoldering debris. A detached garage on Grand Point collapsed due to straight line winds. No one was in the garage at the time.

A house on Fox Hill Rd was damaged by a fallen tree.

The Guilford Hills area was particularly hard hit, with trees down, some completely uprooted. Rain and heavy winds have already started again in that area taking up where it left off last night.

Check back later today for updates about damages as more reports come in.


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