Intoxicated man breaks into home, sleeps on recliner

A Waynesboro family came home to find an unknown individual covered up in a blanket on a recliner in their house. The only thing visible were two feet in sandals poking out of the bottom of the blanket.

Washington Township Police were dispatched and after arriving at the home pulled the blanket off to reveal a man wearing cargo shorts and sandals. The man didn’t comply with officers upon them waking him up so they had to lift him off the chair.

A search of the man recovered a driver’s license that identified the man as Robert Hopple. Also found during the search was a marijuana pipe, some burnt marijuana, and a medical marijuana card. Hopple when confronted by police officers, allegedly did not understand the situation or what he did wrong.

Hopple was taken to the station, where he was visibly intoxicated. He allegedly became irate when Miranda Warnings were read. According to Hopple he believed he was setup.

Hopple is currently in Frankin County Jail after failing to post bail. A preliminary hearing is set for August 16th.


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