IUP Students from Franklin County Achieve Dean’s List Honor

Local students

The following students from Franklin County have been named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Students achieve dean’s list status when they are full-time (12 or more credits) with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher. The full list of dean’s list students is available at www.iup.edu.

Dean’s List students, their hometowns, majors and degrees they are seeking are:


Gabrielle Allison, Warm Spring Road, B.A. in Anthropology/Applied Anthropology

Natalie Aquino-Flores, East Washington Street, B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

Kristin Renee Embly, Hamilton Hills Drive, B.S. in Interior Design

Jocelyn Emma Enders, Siloam Road, B.A. in Psychology

Kamryn E. King, Dawn Lane, B.S.Ed. in Art Education

Brody Misko Rife, Fox Den Drive, B.S. in Computer Science/Cyber Security

Evin Esther Smith, Wallace Avenue, B.S. in Marketing

Keith Elijah Thomas, Zircon Drive, B.F.A. in Music Performance

Samantha M. Traini, Byers Road, B.S. in Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science/Sports Administration

Elijah G. Vanier, Hamilton Road, B.S.Ed. in Social Studies/History


Cierra N. Burger, East Madison Street, B.S. in Nursing

Taylor Alexis-Qian Childress, Harvest Wagon Way, B.S. in Nursing

Sarah Cisney, Burkett Road, B.S.Ed. in Music Education

Riley Kugler, South Carlisle Street, B.A. in Psychology

Savannah H. Pence, Hager Road, B.S.Ed. in English Education

Karlee Brooke Salmon, Nancy Avenue, B.S. in Interior Design

Hannah M. Zomak, Rice Hollow Road, B.S. in Nursing


Donavin Kendrell Carrington, Overhill Drive, B.S. in Communications Media/Media Production

Chauncey Michael Higgins, North Main Street, B.S. in Management/Entrepreneurship and Small Business


Kaitlynne Jo Harbaugh, Orlando Drive, B.S. in Medical Imaging/Diagnostic Sonography

Gabriel Evan Schubel, Hamilton Avenue, B.S. in Biology/Pre-medical

Tony Ryan Shank, Bayer Drive, B.A. in Criminology


Kimberly Ann Zimmerman 1960~2023

Kim was always a very outgoing person who loved the outdoors and spending time at her campsite she enjoyed life to the fullest and had an overabundance of friends.

Linda K Ditzler obituary 1953~2023

Linda was a counselor at TruNorth Counseling Services. She also was employed at Wilderness Lodge Leather’s & Hat Shop and The Horse You Rode In On.

John J Durkan obituary 1939~2023

Born in Brooklyn, New York on July 3, 1939, John will be remembered as a man of great faith, unwavering integrity and endless generosity.