Mercersburg : James McFadden: D.L. Martin Employee of the Month

D.L. Martin

The D.L. Martin Co. recognizes James McFadden as Employee of the Month for June. James lives in Mercersburg and has been with the company for 24 years. He is a Laser Operator in Building 4. His supervisor, Dakota Carmack, is the Operations Manager who has been with the D.L. Martin Co. for 6 years.

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James’s Innovative concept

To eliminate the need for Trumpf Laser operators to put components for each platform on a separate skid, James suggested making carts that can each hold components for four platforms, which frees up floor space and eliminates the need for forklift operators to transport four skids from the laser to the weld station. In addition, to eliminate transporting pipes from the saw to the deburr area adjacent to the Plasma Cutter to be drilled and then transporting them to Pipe Stand Assembly, deburr areas were consolidated, and the drill was moved to the old deburr area adjacent to Pipe Stand Assembly.

Continual Improvement Program

The company also recognizes Ken Embly, Jacob Haulman, and John Miller for their
suggestions implemented through the company’s Continual Improvement Program in

Who is D.L. Martian

D.L. Martin Co. is a world-class provider of precision machined components, fabricated components, and assemblies to the elevator, heavy truck, mining, HVAC, construction, energy, and agriculture industries, as well as a provider of Level 1 components and assemblies to the U.S. Government. The company maintains a certified quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 International Standard and AS9100 Aerospace Standard.