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CHAMBERSBURG — (Sept. 6, 2019) – Congressman John Joyce, (R-13), toured Keystone Health facilities Thursday and talked to Keystone officials about local health needs.

He met with Keystone Health’s founder, President and CEO, Joanne Cochran, Keystone’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Colli, and Keystone’s Chief Operating Officer, David Grant. During his tour of Keystone’s facilities, he spoke with Keystone’s management team about needs in the community.

Keystone Health is a rapidly-growing Federally Qualified Health Center that serves more than 52,000 patients annually, regardless of a person’s insurance status or ability to pay for their medical bills. Keystone Health has added several new services and facilities in the past three years and its newest building, a 68,000 square foot facility, will open in October.

“It is important to keep our congressional representatives aware of the many needs in our community,” Cochran said. “I am looking forward to sharing our concerns regarding the growing number of individuals and families in poverty. Without the support of Congress, Keystone Health would not be able to offer many of our programs.”

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