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Area police have a word of caution for the public about relying on Facebook posts as a reliable news source.

Pennsylvania State Police in Gettysburg fielded inquiries today about Facebook posts alleging women were being targeted by kidnappers in Adams County as part of a sex trafficking scheme.

Trooper Megan Frazer said shared Facebook posts alleging “kidnapping attempts” at local shopping areas are based on rumor, not fact.

”PSP in Gettysburg did not take any reports of these crimes and did not take any reports of suspicious activity,” Frazer said.

She said police encourage people to report any kind of suspicious activity to their local police department immediately.

Be cautious, however, about posts such as those currently being shared on social media. Check the source’s credibility, Fraser advises. Local newspapers such as Franklin County Free Press use social media to promote their websites. They monitor and tightly control posts on their Facebook pages, however.

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FCFP bases its crime stories on news releases and information provided by area police departments. News shared on our Facebook page is accurate and reliable. If unsure about a crime story, contact us or your local police to verify any story’s accuracy.

Police don’t usually “sit” on reports of suspicious activity. They take action to inform the public and news media immediately if incidents such as those reported in current social media posts happen or if the public is at risk.

Anyone witnessing a crime or suspicious behavior should immediately contact their local police department, Frazier said.

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