PSP: Latest scams target registered sex offenders

The latest twist on telephone scams targets registered sex offenders, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

PSP issued a warning today about the scam targeting offenders mandated to comply with Pennsylvania’s Sex Offender Registry.

The scam begins with a telephone call to an offender listed on the Megan’s Law website from someone claiming to be a law enforcement official.

The caller claims their target is not in compliance with their registration requirements. Sometimes, the caller even claims to hold a warrant for the offender’s arrest.

The caller tells the offender he or she can fix the issue with a cash card or money transfer.

PSP wants convicted sex offenders to know about the scam, according to a news release. Police do not offer to “fix” issues like that in return for monetary compensation. Such requests are always scams, police say.

They have these recommendations for those receiving such calls:

  • Try to verify the callers phone number
  • Obtain as much information as possible about the caller
  • Take detailed notes on the caller’s instructions
  • Immediately report the call to their local police agency.

Convicted sex offenders need to follow all of the rules to stay in compliance with Megan’s Law requirements. They can contact the Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s Law Section at 1-866-771-3170 with any questions regarding their compliance status.

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