LaunchUX Celebrates Milestone 5-Year Anniversary

Five years ago today, LaunchUX opened for business.  The company offers search engine optimization (SEO) and web development service but never wanted to position itself as a marketing company.  The company started with a small team working out of Neil’s home in Chambersburg in 2017.  “Anyone can make a website, but what makes our firm different is that we develop them with a scientific perspective,” said Nathan Neil company owner. “In the early days of the company, we knew we had a great product, and the local community received us very well.”

National growth

The company’s growth quickly exceeded Neil’s expectations and the company relocated to the Professional Arts Building in Chambersburg.  Each year, the company has expanded by adding more members to its team and recently started an office in Denver, CO, with another team in Nebraska. During the pandemic, they adopted procedures to streamline project management by adopting hybrid and remote working hours.

With clients across the country in Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, California, Ohio, and Colorado, the company has become a national brand located here in Franklin County. 

In 2021, LaunchUX started an affiliate program allowing IT consultants and marketing firms to partner with them.  In the last year alone, dozens of agencies now outsource their work to LaunchUX.  “The concept was actually quite simple. These companies often get many inquiries from clients to for online services, but it’s not what they specialize in.  Once we started reaching out to IT firms, we got an overwhelming amount of requests to partner together. Now, we have become the dedicated web team for over a dozen IT firms and marketing agencies,” said Brandon Smith, Business Development Manager.

The company has been deep in data research since its creation, which allows it to establish a national name for itself and recently become an UpCity recognized Top SEO Firm.  “Most companies that do what we do approach it purely from a marketing perspective.  We look at what people are searching for and how they are looking for the information.  By doing this, we can effectively generate valuable leads,” said Michael Banks, Director of SEO.

LaunchUX is proud to have a 90% customer retention rate and attributes that to its customers’ results from their direct efforts. “Nothing is better than providing a service that produces value for your client and the community,” said Neil

Looking back on the last five years, Neil related that while there have been some challenges as a small business, the company has continued to push forward, innovating the industry and doing good along the way.

Reflecting on years of growth

Neil attributes the majority of the company’s growth to the team, who work tirelessly to find ways to improve customer success further.  While many firms have struggled with recruitment, LaunchUX, which offers a comprehensive internship program, has been able to recruit students from a variety of higher education institutions. However, Shippensburg University graduates have a slight edge.  Their internship program focuses on hands-on education, combined with data analysis and exposure to real scenarios.

“If the last five years indicate how the next five years will be, I am very excited to see how rapidly the firm will grow.  We have worked diligently over the last year on our training program to teach our specific method.  This is incredibly valuable because it allows us to continue providing personalized attention to those customers who supported us early on while furthering our growth.  My goal is for even more firms in technology, science, engineering and math to enter this area to make Franklin County a hub of technological innovation.  In that goal, I wish that LaunchUX will be one of the main players driving the business community forward.”