LaunchUX Celebrates Six Years In Business and Additional Accomplishments

This month marks a milestone for LaunchUX, local website development and SEO agency, as they toast to their sixth anniversary. Beyond this significant landmark, the company has another reason to rejoice. They are gleaming with pride as finalists for the “Young Professional Employer of the Year.”

Six years ago, Nathan Neil laid the foundation for LaunchUX with a vision. His aspiration was to craft the best websites and enhance their online visibility. Today, the company stands tall, reflecting its growth, success, and the relentless commitment of its dynamic team.

Being a finalist for the illustrious “Young Professional Employer of the Year” is no small feat. This nomination underscores LaunchUX’s commitment to fostering young talent, appreciating their innovative ideas, and integrating them into the company’s core.

Over the past year, LaunchUX has reached new heights and achieved several noteworthy milestones. One of the most significant accomplishments was the strategic acquisition of 25Penn Marketing, which underscored the company’s dedication to expansion and innovation.

In addition to this, the firm was distinguished with the 2023 National Excellence Award. This accolade reflects their commitment to superior service, exceptional performance, and their unwavering focus on providing top-notch solutions to their clients. All in all, the past year has been an exhilarating journey of growth and recognition for LaunchUX.

Employee of the Month

LaunchUX has also named Mollee Stake, SEO Scientist their employee of the month. Her tireless efforts have revamped the way LaunchUX reports website search performances to clients. With her initiative, the company now offers more detailed, yet simple-to-understand, reports that provide comprehensive insights. Mollee’s contributions have significantly improved their workflows and customer visibility.

A Big Thank You

With all these achievements, LaunchUX is filled with gratitude. The firm extends its heartfelt thanks to its loyal clientele and the dedicated team that powers its operations. While they celebrate the present, they have an eager eye on the future, filled with even more ambitions and milestones.

To all their clients, partners, and employees: A massive THANK YOU! Your trust and commitment drive LaunchUX’s success. Here’s to many more triumphant years ahead!


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