LaunchUX: Website & SEO Firm Receives National Recognition

Chambersburg-based LaunchUX, a website development, SEO, and social media firm, has been recognized with a 2023 National Excellence Award.

LaunchUX was founded in 2017 by Nathan Neil with a different approach to web development and search optimization. “We focused on using data to make decisions for our customers and the results were awesome”, said Neil.

Finding data and analytics fascinating, he has continued to educate himself and write for industry journals and peer reviewed research publications. “All of this work gets interconnected back into what we do at LaunchUX. It helps us to stay on top of our field, educate students who intern with us and drive results for our customers.” Their research on digital marketing and the best investments for traffic has been featured over the last two years at Data Decision Science Conferences.

Award Determination

The awards are determined through UpCity’s proprietary algorithm, which measures the credibility and trustworthiness of each verified B2B provider. UpCity uses a variety of signals to evaluate a service provider’s performance and credibility, including the quality and quantity of reviews on Google, presence in search engines, consistency, domain authority, website speed, and experience. In total, only 184 firms across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK were selected.

“UpCity’s mission is to help businesses find service providers they can trust. There is no greater example of that trustworthiness than our Excellence Award Winners. Each winner has exhibited a high caliber of quality work, trustworthiness, and the ability to help businesses grow. We are so excited to honor the B2B service providers across the world that are the best of the best.” – Heidi Sullivan, Senior Director of Marketing

Now Ranked in the Top 1% Nationally

LaunchUX’s rating has earned the company a spot in the top 1% of service providers nationally. Last year LaunchUX was recognized for its outstanding performance in Pennsylvania, but this year that has extended into a National Excellence Award.

LaunchUX Director Michael Banks said, “We do our best, we research and constantly improve everyday. Our team is an incredible collection of individuals with a wide array of skills. We’ve been receiving a lot of recognition and it is very humbling.”

Vice President Brandon Smith followed saying, “The website development industry has a bad reputation for ghosting clients, overcharging for services, and not putting in the work. We may not change our industry overnight, but we’ll gladly take their customers in the meantime. We’re reliable and honest, deliver quality work, and are transparent with our results. Our team deserves this award. I just hope Bernie Sanders isn’t mad that we’re in the top 1%.”


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