New Employee: LaunchUX welcomes Brandon Smith

LaunchUX welcomes Brandon Smith

LaunchUX LLC is excited to welcome Brandon Smith as our new Internal Sales and Account Associate. Mr. Smith began work in his role this week. LaunchUX is proud to have him as part of our work family.

This addition to the team comes as LaunchUX has expanded their Chambersburg office at the Professional Arts Building to accommodate an increased demand in their search optimization and web development services.

During its three years in Chambersburg, LaunchUX has grown to include a team of over 8 members.

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Meet Brandon

LaunchUX welcomes Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith

Brandon wants to live in a world where movie posters aren’t used as book covers, time slows when people laugh, and pumpkin spice breakfast cereal doesn’t exist. He’s a world traveler, stand-up comedian, and former international competitive singer.

When he’s not in the limelight, Brandon helps both nonprofit and for-profit businesses with his unique sales and marketing experience. He finds immense joy in making friends everywhere he goes while helping people and businesses problem-solve and prosper.

Brandon’s years in the publishing industry were spent lugging the AP Stylebook around like a Bible at summer camp as he was copy-writing and editing. Nowadays, he instead carries with him a little notebook filled with comical observations and story ideas about strange, fantastical worlds.

When he’s not suited up, Brandon is whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen, listening to countless audio books, and getting bruises in mosh pits. If he had one wish, it would be that Chaucer from A Knight’s Tale would introduce him to new acquaintances.

The Company

LaunchUX builds websites and provides search engine optimization for both local and national customers. The firm also hosts many of those websites, providing a “home” on the Internet for their businesses. What started small three years ago has grown steadily to 157 clients today. LaunchUX approaches new business with a goal of getting to know their clients and determining their needs from the start.

Nathan Neil, the owner of LaunchUX said that, “A good team is the key to a business’s success. You have to hire people that are smarter than yourself in different areas to get a well-rounded team.”

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