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LaunchUX’s Landmark Achievement: Winner of Netty Award for Design

LaunchUX Netty Winner

LaunchUX has marked a significant milestone, capturing the industry’s attention with its recent accomplishments at the Netty Awards. The firm, under the humble leadership of Nathan Neil, has been recognized today for not only for winning a prestigious Netty Award for Design but also as an Honoree in the overall Best Web Design. This dual recognition underscores the firm’s exceptional prowess in digital creativity, innovation, and technical proficiency.

The Netty Awards are described as one of the most trusted awards in the industry. The Netty Awards honor top leaders & companies across a variety of verticals with over 100 unique categories.

Nathan Neil, reflecting on the achievements, shares, “It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by the Netty Awards. This is a testament to our team’s hard work, creativity, and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of web design and user experience. I’m especially proud of Michael Banks, who oversaw the project, and Bryan Rotz, whose leadership in design was instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their exceptional skill and commitment have been pivotal to our success.”

Further amplifying LaunchUX’s recent successes, the addition of Bryan Rotz to the team marks a significant milestone. Bryan, who joined LaunchUX following the acquisition of 25Penn Marketing, has quickly proven himself as a powerhouse in web development and design. His pivotal role in the Jamison Door Company project not only contributed to the Netty Award win but also highlighted the depth of expertise and innovation he brings to their team. This strategic expansion of their talent pool underscores LaunchUX’s commitment to innovation.

In addition to the accolades from the Netty Awards, LaunchUX’s industry leadership has been recognized by UpCity and Gartner. They have been honored with the Best of Pennsylvania, Best of Texas, Denver Local Excellence, and the 2023 National Excellence awards. These distinctions place LaunchUX in the top 1% of providers for SEO and Web Development, a testament to the team’s skill.

A Testament to Collaborative Success and Innovative Spirit

The project that garnered such prestigious acclaim involved a comprehensive redesign of the Jamison Door website. This initiative emphasized clean, headless design optimized for speed, responsiveness, and a superior user experience.

Craig Murray of the Netty Awards Team lauded LaunchUX’s efforts, stating, “Your exceptional work has set you apart in a field of remarkable entries, truly embodying the spirit of creativity, innovation, and technical proficiency that the Netty Awards celebrates.” This accolade from the Netty Awards highlights the exceptional talent and collaborative effort that LaunchUX brings to the digital design landscape.

At the heart of this project was a custom, hand-coded design on WordPress, diverging significantly from standard practices associated with pre-designed templates and plug-ins. This bespoke approach ensured seamless cross-device functionality and near-instant load speeds, addressing specific user needs. For example, the experience for key stakeholders like installers for Costco, Walmart, and Amazon was streamlined, balancing ease of access with a clutter-free, intuitive interface.

The storytelling header, visually-driven interface, and inclusion of specialized portals for key clients like Amazon underscore the project’s commitment to delivering tailored experiences. These elements collectively contribute to an impactful user journey.

This approach, prioritizing performance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or functionality, showcases why LaunchUX was selected as the winner by delivering a user experience that highlights the ingenuity and forward-thinking strategy of their team.

About LaunchUX and The Netty Awards

LaunchUX has established itself as a leader in the digital marketing arena, with a keen focus on creating engaging, effective web designs that drive user engagement and business growth.

The Netty Awards, known for celebrating the best in digital age achievements, highlight companies and individuals who demonstrate outstanding creativity, innovation, and mastery in their fields. Being recognized by the Netty Awards places LaunchUX among the elite in digital design and marketing.

For more information about LaunchUX’s services and its innovative approach to web design and SEO, visit their website. To learn more about the significance of The Netty Awards and their role in the digital industry, explore here.


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