Lawmakers Demand Education Secretary to Reverse Gender Theory or Resign

This week, Representative Rob Kauffman joined a group of House Republican lawmakers in calling for acting Pennsylvania Education Secretary Eric Hagarty’s resignation unless he takes immediate action to reverse Gender Theory Student Indoctrination from taking hold in K-12 public schools.

For example, it was recently discovered the PA Department of Education has a “Gender Identity” web page that, among other things, defines “binary gender” as “the faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female.”

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Lessons for “gender-neutral day”

The education department’s gender identity web page also includes a lesson guide for teachers to host a “gender-neutral day” in their classrooms for grades 3-12. The guide specifies that as part of the activity, students should pick two to three ways they will reject gender stereotypes for the day, and the teacher should make specific commitments to challenge gender norms in the classroom.

Another section on the education department website, titled “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms,” includes a tutorial on “preferred gender-neutral personal pronouns” and instructs teachers to ask before making false assumptions about someone’s gender identity.

Bill vetoed providing parents visibility

Earlier this year, the governor vetoed legislation (House Bill 1332) that would have required ALL government-run public schools in the Commonwealth to post their curriculum online where parents could easily review it, ahead of the school year. If this transparency-driven legislation had been enacted, parents could easily see if their school was adding this or other indoctrination lessons to its curriculum. Instead, parents need to contact their school to find out what process they need to go through in order to have knowledge of what their child will be taught this year.


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