Letter to the Editor: Letter writer’s concern about Afghanistan


To the Editor:

May I preface my remarks with the caveat that this is not a political letter, and I don’t presume to be thoroughly schooled in the matters of national administration.  I just write about what’s obvious to anyone with his/her head out of the sand.

Just to read of the horror – and knowing it’s a tenth of the reality – happening in Afghanistan Is almost beyond comprehension.    That the administration of our United States of America should so shamefully bungle so miserably in what likely began as a reasonable mission to exit a sovereign nation, leaving a functional government to resume ably overseeing its own affairs, is unmitigated act of caving to unmitigated evil.

It was not rocket science to know that the Afghan government was not yet ready to resume full function unaided and unprotected by America.  We have left in evil hands an arsenal of weaponry that is being turned on innocent Christians, innocent Afghan nationals our own innocent Americans  by the thousands.  It was not rocket science to know that Taliban was still as evil and awaiting a vacuum to materialize, along with ISIS napping in the background.  

And just like that, we up and leave.  In World War II the Germans fled and the Americans liberated the concentration camps, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.  In 2021, the Americans up and pull out, not only abandoning innocents to the pleasure of avenging evildoers,  but providing them with all manner of military assets with which to carry it out.

Twenty years after 9/11, twenty years after vowing that such evil would be repaid upon the attackers’ heads; here we are giving them carte blanche in innocent blood.  No victory over evil here, rather a surrender to it. 

Reader, do you think that perhaps this should only be an expected export of a nation surrendered to and consuming itself within, in immorality and debauchery on a scale never before seen?  A nation that ignores the Lord of Heaven and Earth so as to declare itself to dig ever deeper the pits of depravity?  A nation in anarchy demanding normalization of practices that once sent most of us running for the bathroom from just thinking of them.   Evil does as evil is.   America is falling.  Whose bootsteps will soon be stomping down our streets to take away all that we have taken for granted?   May the Lord have mercy on us.

Kathryn Freese

Waynesboro PA

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