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This week we were accepted as a member of LION Publishers, the nation’s only association dedicated to Local Independent Online News publishers.

While being a LION member doesn’t compromise our independence or affect the way we provide local news to our loyal audience, it validates our place in the nation-wide community of local news providers.

LION membership is a big step for us. Like our counterpart in Adams County, The Gettysburg Connection, we feel we are on the front lines in creating the future of local news. We are proud of being part of the new breed of locally owned and operated news organizations that directly serve their communities.

Being part of an organization like LION Publishers allows us to network with the hundreds of other publishers serving their communities through online news publications.

We feel honored to be accepted by the non-profit LION’s board for membership.

More Good News, and a Thank You

We passed another milestone this week when our Facebook followers topped 3,000. We want to thank all our loyal followers who keep coming back to our website for their daily dose of local news.

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The Chamber Staff is always available to talk with you about how your business could greatly benefit from membership.

In spite of our very limited staff, we manage to publish between 6 and 8 local stories a day. We couldn’t do it without the help of the community, however.

I am proud to say Franklin County Free Press is truly a community effort.

Thanks to all our contributors — those who send news releases, who volunteer to help me proofread and provide news tips and other information.

Thanks to the small cadre of local advertisers who have taken a chance on us and stuck with us. You are loved and valued. Your bill for this month is on the way.

Thanks to those who have seen the value in what we do and have sent us donations. Those donations coupled with the ad revenue help pay our hosting fees and other costs associated with the website.

Special thanks to my baby sister Linda Osborn, who provides our daily Looking Back column.

Thanks also to the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Franklin County Visitors Bureau for your encouragement and support.

How You Can Help

If you are a small business anywhere in our circulation area, think about advertising with us. Our $25 weekly summer special on display ads continues until the first day of fall.

Check out the current Here’s Looking at You ad at the top of each news story. Between 2,500 and 3,000 local residents see that ad every day. Owner Penny Shaul gets that ad exposure for well under $5 a week by making a minimum 3-month commitment.

The Visitors Bureau was an early advertiser who tied up the banner ad at the top of each page through the end of this year.

If you are one of our loyal readers, we do gratefully accept donations through the “donate” link on our website. Many of our readers can’t donate for a number of reasons, and we respect that.

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We don’t charge for subscriptions. We hate paywalls too, although we realize they are sometimes necessary. Right now, they aren’t for us, however.

We do ask you, no matter your situation, to patronize our advertisers whenever possible. And when you do, tell them you saw their ad in Franklin County Free Press!

Editoral News

Daylight Savings Time Is Reminder to Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Daylight Savings Time for most means time to change the clocks and adapt to the new daylight schedule. But for fire departments, it signifies the time of the year to remind everyone to change batteries in smoke alarms.
FCADC Still Opposes Transource

FCADC Still Opposes Transource


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