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Local businesses are slowly gearing up and planning for the future as Franklin County entered the green phase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigation Friday.

Lawrence Worsham III, owner of Waynesboro’s Precision Image, entrepreneur and master barber, said the quarantine has hit him hard.

“Initially, I had to send my barbers to unemployment,” he said. 

Worsham said he was later able to receive funds by applying for a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program, which authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The road to financial recovery for Precision Image will be “slow and arduous”, Worsham said. Implementing social distancing will restrict the number of customers in his shop at one time.

This was the norm at Waynesboro’s Precision Image barber shop in pre-COVID-19 days. The new normal for the forseeable future will be vastly different. (photo courtesy Precision Image)

“It goes against the normal protocol on how a barbershop operates,” he said.

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Haircuts will be by appointment only. Social distancing will mandate only one customer per barber in the shop at any given time.

Barbers will be cutting 10 to 15 clients’ hair daily, and the business will maintain their regular schedule, Worsham said. He said all haircuts will be appointment only.

Worsham worries that customers will be annoyed by “the new normal” and the new procedure that comes with getting a haircut.

in pre-COVID days, a person could call, or just show up to get a hauircut, he said.

“I know that’s going to be the mindset of a lot of people. We’re Americans. We’re entitled. We don’t want to listen to the rules. We want to do what we want. Hopefully things will be good.”

County’s libraries: Curbside service only

Another institute affected by the pandemic is the Franklin County Library System, which plans to offer curbside reserve service the week of June 29, said Executive Director Bernice Crouse.

“Curbside reserve service means pulling people’s requested library materials – checking them out and delivering them to the curb for pick up,” she said.

Crouse recommends calling the local library first to request the books before showing up.

The libraries will reopen later this summer with health and safety precautions in place, Crouse said.

“While it will be a while before there is anything like business as usual at the public libraries, each month we will endeavor to restore more service,” she said. “Barring another COVID flare in the communities – we hope to have library doors open for some inside services before the end of July. 

Library management will review the situation every two weeks to determine when the publc libraries can safely reopen, Crouse said.

“Our efforts are to provide the best service in the safest possible way for patrons and staff,” she said. “We are uncertain at this time when we can restore bookmobile services due to social distancing constraints.”

Patrons can reach Franklin County’s libraries at the following numbers:

  • Blue Ridge Library – 717-794-2240
  • Coyle Free Library- 717-263-1054
  • Grove Family Library- 717-264-9663
  • Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library- 717-597-7920
  • St. Thomas Library- 717-369-4716
  • Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library- 717-762-3335
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