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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on September 18th.

25 Years Ago

September 18, 1994 – Sunday

“Director of Nursing”

Chambersburg Hospital is advertising for a “Director of Nursing” – seeking a “progressive visionary leader” with “proven organizational skills” and accomplishments to direct the Medical Surgical Division.  They must have Certification in Nursing Administration and hold a BSN with a Masters Degree in Nursing Administration.

50 Years Ago

September 18, 1969 – Thursday

MERCERSBURG – “Dress Factory Progress”


Construction is underway on the first industrial plant in Mercers-bung’s new Parnell Commercial Center. Designed as a new home for Mercersburg Dress Co., Inc., the 10,000 square foot facility will ‘be completed in approximately three weeks. 

The building and 50-acre development are owned by Parnell Corp. The new plant will be leased to Mercersburg Dress Co.. Inc. It will be served by all utilities, and a 50-foot street, which will be black-topped, all constructed by the developer at its own expense. The 50-acre development was annexed by Mercersburg Borough in January. The corporation granted to the borough a 2.100×25 foot right-of-way leading to the Gayman and Rockwell Oakwood Forest Development. 

An eight-inch water main has been laid. Sewage will have to be pumped to the sewage plant, connected at the Fred Nair home. Special water mains have been provided for fire protection. 

This has all been turned over development, known to people into the borough at no expense to the town. 

The corner of the 50-acre de-the area as “Vanderau’ s Corner.” has been a traffic hazard, and the scene of many accidents and deaths. 

Parnell Corp. has cleared away the house, bushes and trees, which were on the corner, preventing motorists from having visibility oi on-coming traffic,  The borough sign has been moved a short distance from the ton. 

The new plant is designed to provide a modern site for an existing industry and to permit expansion of its present facilities. Plans are also being processed for a shopping center.

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100 Years Ago

September 18, 1919 –Thursday


Two government airplanes of the squadron of four scheduled to arrive here several days ago arrived in town yesterday afternoon about 2:30 o’clock. After circling the town the machines spiraled and landed on the Metz farm east of town.  The planes were in charge of Pilot Charles M. Potter and Sergeant B. C. Burd. After taking in gasoline and testing the motors and rigging of the machines they again took to the air leaving here about 6 o’clock. 

The other two machines were left at York. The original program called for a photographic expedition over this section but these orders were canceled at a later date. The aviators expected to reach Johnstown last night, and ! participate in the victory Jubilee there on Friday.


The pros of using World War I aircraft were that they were very helpful in reconnaissance. They could fly over enemy lines and see the enemy’s troop movements, and, after they were eventually armed with machine guns, they could provide an offensive advantage. Aerial photography was also used to carry out vertical photography for survey and mapping purposes throughout the United States.

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