Looking Back: Franklin County’s History On April 5th

County’s history Dec 4nd

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on April 5th.

25 Years Ago

April 5, 1995  Thursday

“Letters to the Editor” – Don’t destroy historic home”

Franklin County’s history
The Greenaway House

I would like to thank David Hilgen, staff writer for the ‘Public Opinion,’ for his article bringing attention to the plight of the former Henry Greenawalt house at 1085 Lincoln Highway West. This is the site used tor planning the burning of Chambersburg by Gen. John McCausland on July 30, 1864, during the Civil War. 

The question of the future of this historical landmark lies in the values of the local community. The history of the burning of Chambersburg is an event to be remembered not for the destruction that occurred that day of terror, but for theingenuity of the Greenawalt family in warning the townspeople as well as the durability of the local community to rebuild after this devastating act of destruction. 

Our historical past cannot be changed, but it can be forgotten. The action of the citizens of Chambersburg during the burning of their town should not be forgotten. It should be preserved for the 19th century community’s denial of an aggressor’s threat and their conviction to rebuild their town and lives. The potential destruction of the Greenawalt house could represent a terrible omission in the community’s significant historical legacy. 

I empathize with the current owner of this historical landmark. One must realize, however, that ownership of a property does not include ownership of historical significance or the importance a historical landmark has on the community’s history and heritage. 

As a former resident of Franklin County and a frequent returning visitor to family and friends in the area, I pass this house on every trip. I hope the residents of Chambersburg and Franklin County and the property owners involved would have the foresight to preserve this historical site and what it stands for as indicated by Mr. Hilgen for the grandchildren and future generations. 

Robert N. Mackey, Lancaster

50 Years Ago

April 5, 1970  Sunday

“Past basketball team honored”

Franklin County’s history
Pictured above are the stalwarts of the highly successful past basketball team at Shippensburg High School which was honored at Saturday night’s banquet. From left to right are Lynn Thrush, Mike Nocho, Matt Brundzo, Bob Keefer and Harvey Staver.

100 Years Ago

April 5, 1920  Monday

“Public School Pupils To Join State Health School”

The Chambersburg committee in charge of the state health school, conducted by Commissioner of Health Martin, has planned to organize the work through the public and parochial schools of town. 

The pupils of every day school and their parents are urged to join the health school.   The same teacher will be in charge of both schools. There will be no ringing of bells in the health school, but two lessons per month will be published in the newspapers. 

The pupils are expected to study the lessons in their homes and promptly send the answers to the teacher, using blanks furnished by the teacher. The enrollment list of pupils will be posted in each schoolroom and a merit work placed opposite the name of pupil for each set of answers sent in. 

U. L. Gordy, Nettie M. Gable and A. C. Shuck constitute the committee for Chambersburg.