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Take a look back at news and photos that occurred 25, 50, and 100 years ago on June 14th.

25 years Ago:

Tuesday, June 14, 1994

“Meet Wally new recycling mascot”

Wally Waste-Not is a fanatic about recycling in Franklin County. Greencastle children recently caught a sneak preview of Franklin County’s new recycling mascot.

“He’s a kangaroo and a symbol for Franklin County,” said Justin Wenger, a third grader at Shady Grove Elementary. “He tells you and encourages you to recycle. He tells us about how much we waste.” Justin and his classmates picked up “Wally-Waste Not” coloring books last week at Tayamentasachta environmental center.

The actual “Wally Waste-Not” is still in a costume shop and a person has not been chosen to wear the outfit, according to Sherry Clayton, the county’s recycling coordinator. “I’m hoping it works real well,” said Clayton, “I wanted to do this (when I started) two years ago. You really need a ploy to keep kids interested. Wally is Franklin County’s answer to Barney as far as recycling is concerned. I think he’s an integral part of the program.”

Third graders learned that over 80,000 tons of garbage a year from their coloring books. “He helps people think about what we need to recycle,” said one-third grader.

“His job is teaching other children how to recycle,” said Matt Zeger.

50 Years Ago:

Saturday, June 14, 1969

“Scouts’ Troop Work Restores Cemetery”

Fayetteville –– Hard work and tireless efforts on the part of the Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop 245, of Pond Bank, and their leaders, produced beautiful results in a local cemetery recently.

The cemetery is located at the far eastern end of Fayetteville, known as Mentzer Cemetery, had grown in different portions into a wilderness. Some of the graves were not visible, as large and small locust trees, brush and weeds had gone unattended.

The scouts, under the direction of the following leaders, took it on as a project for their troop. Mr. and Mrs. Howard McNew, Robert Varner, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bender, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cordell, and Mrs. Leon Baughman, all of R.R. 1, Chambersburg.

The group worked on it for about four evenings, approximately three hours each night. Most comments have been received as to how beautiful the cemetery has been since.

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100 years Ago:

Saturday, June 14, 1919


The first celebration of the U.S. Flag’s birthday was held in 1877 on the 100th anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777. However, it is believed that the first annual recognition of the flag’s birthday dates back to 1885 when school teacher, BJ Cigrand, first organized a group of Wisconsin school children to observe June 14 – the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes as the Flag’s Birthday. Cigrand, now known as the ‘Father of Flag Day,’ continued to publically advocate the observance of June 14 as the flag’s ‘birthday’, or ‘Flag Day’ for years. Today people across the United States celebrate Flag Day on June 14 each year to honor the United States flag and to commemorate the flag’s adoption. On the same day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

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