Rep. John Hershey: Lower Property Tax Bills

property tax lower

Rep. John Hershey this week introduced legislation that could lead to lowered bills for homeowners. House Bills 2500 and 2501 would give local taxing authorities greater flexibility to provide property tax relief to their residents.

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“I hear every day from my family, friends and neighbors that property taxes are forcing them to make impossible decisions about what other bill isn’t going to be paid that month,” Hershey said. “The taxing structure in Pennsylvania needs reform, and I’m going to do everything I can to move the conversation forward toward lasting change.”

Property taxes in Pennsylvania are paid to counties, boroughs and townships, and school districts, not the state itself. House Bill 2500 would allow for special tax provisions for longtime owner-occupants where property values have risen due to other, deteriorating properties being improved or new construction occurring. This is a proposed constitutional amendment and mirrors a program in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The House Bill

House Bill 2501 would allow local entities to create their own Property Tax/Rent Rebate programs that are similar to the one offered at the state level.

“There are commonsense ways we can ease the burden of property taxes. I encourage my fellow lawmakers to join me in finding solutions,” Hershey said.

What Next

The bills were referred to the House Finance Committee for its consideration.