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Luminest Announces David Keller as New Incoming Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Luminest Community Development is pleased to announce that their search for the next Executive Director to replace Bonnie Zehler who will be retiring at the end of December has been successful!

Soon to conclude 16 years as a Franklin County Commissioner, David Keller has accepted the invitation to become the next Executive Director of Luminest, effective January 1st, 2024! 

David, a graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School, went on to earn an undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall, and eventually a Juris Doctorate from Widener School of Law.  In addition to serving in the U.S. Navy and working as a computer network consultant, David has fully immersed himself in the life of Franklin County while serving as a County Commissioner.   His passion for helping people and his belief in the value of providing affordable housing, combined with his years of leadership experience, position David to lead Luminest in continuing to serve the residents of Franklin County and the surrounding areas.

Luminest begins working in communities from the ground up.  We meet with local community leaders to discuss the needs of their neighborhood and develop a plan that works.  This model for business development creates lasting partnerships at the local level and most importantly creates communities that families are proud to call home.

 Luminest residents are typically people who work or who have retired from jobs that provide the labor force to keep our communities thriving.  We help receptionists, cooks, wait staff, people who work in warehousing and distribution, home care aids, and those who do the other $10-$20/hour jobs in Franklin County and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to help develop communities, bring hope, and change people’s lives by developing communities that fill the gap between assisted housing and full price housing – for those who have income, but not enough income to satisfy the average landlord.

Luminest is dedicated to building stronger neighborhoods, better homes, and brighter futures. 


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