Luminest Cuts Ribbon for Parkview Corner

After the momentous challenges brought about by Covid, Luminest Community Development was finally able to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the opening and full occupancy for Parkview – a senior living community recently constructed in downtown Chambersburg!  Parkview was completed in 2020 and finished initial lease up in 2021 amidst Covid. 

Parkview Corner

Parkview Corner provides opportunities to house seniors aged 62+ in apartments that are accessible and geared towards the needs of aging adults. Being a senior today doesn’t mean what it did 15 or even 20 years ago.  Our seniors today are more active and lead a vibrant lives.  Parkview corner has many amenities – within walking distance to downtown, it also has a Beauty Salon, Fitness Room, Rooftop Garden/Patio and an On-Site Healthcare advisor to name a few.

“We’re so excited to bring more affordable housing to Franklin County,” said Bonnie Zehler, Executive Director of Luminest.  “This project had many obstacles, but we’re thankful for the teams of people who helped us get it done,” Zehler said in her remarks.  Representatives from the Borough of Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the community, staff and residents attended the Ribbon Cutting event.

“We continue to look for more opportunities to bring this much-needed service of affordable housing to our area,” said Zehler. 

Luminest is dedicated to building stronger neighborhoods, better homes and brighter futures.  Ms. Zehler mentioned other projects they are working on in the area, including a few that are already being promoted on their website.

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Luminest Community Development started in July 2002 as a startup non-profit to develop affordable homes in Franklin County. The Board of Directors envisioned building stronger neighborhoods, better homes and brighter futures for families throughout Franklin County and the surrounding areas.  Luminest Community Development achieves those goals with each new development.  


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