Magnum Broadcasting Launches Hispanic Christian Music Station

Rhama Radio Aqui

Magnum Broadcasting is proud to introduce Rhema Radio Aqui, a Hispanic/Christian music internet station, headquartered at 37 South Main Street in Chambersburg.

Rhema Radio Aqui translates to God’s Word Radio Here and is all Spanish with a Christian theme.

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Online Radio Station

Currently, it is an internet-based radio station where between long sets of music Pastor Mario Barrios shares inspirational scripture. The hope is to bring Rhema Radio Aqui to a broadcast station on the dial soon. Pastor Mario along with his wife, Pastor Inma, lead Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto Ministerios Ebenezer in Scotland, PA.

To enjoy the music and inspiration, powerful apps are easily downloaded for iPhone and Android platforms. Listeners can shuffle between messaging, email, social media, and phone calls with ease. Patrick Ryan, VP/GM Magnum Broadcasting noted, “It’s the most robust, interactive application available so we can easily connect and stay connected.”

The roots of start with our radio church service “Open Doors,” which recently marked its first-year anniversary. Sunday mornings after 8 on 1037FM bring the sounds of a beautiful service that Pastor Mario presents in Spanish and his daughters take turns translating.

Open Doors was incredibly well-received. It is the only show of its kind in the area and this enthusiasm led to the idea of this exciting new project. With help then from the Barrios family, Rhema Radio Aqui was born.

The Project

Brisa Barrios, currently in college, was tasked to gather the music for the station. offers hundreds of Hispanic/Christian inspirational songs that are a mix to inspire and excite listeners across all generations.

Local stakeholders, businesses, and community leaders have already reached out to partner with Rhema Radio Aqui in the hopes of further bringing their messages to neighbors in need of information.

“Messaging and music are a great step forward to connect communities and I’m proud to lead the way on this project,” remarked Patrick Ryan, Vice President/General Manager of Magnum Broadcasting, “we must connect in person as well.” Done! The second annual Family Fun Day will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, August 27, at Memorial Park in Chambersburg. The event includes various demonstrations from local law enforcement and fire personnel as well as a prize wheel and wellness checks. The Barrios family will be in attendance and build on last year’s success to strengthen those bridges.

Even though we live in the same community, we are often separated from the very people we see every day, either by language, life or time. What if there was a way to bridge that gap? What if we could come together in understanding, knowing deep down we all share the same humanity, despite those differences?

Rhema Radio Aqui plans to do just that. There’s a universal understanding in the music and tone of the radio station.

Ryan said, “Can we put our arms around you and say we’re all the same? Everybody has a story, and everybody needs to be seen and heard. As an independent radio company, we have the ability to experiment and to try new things without corporate red tape. Rhema Radio Aqui really spoke to me. I love the downtown and I see smiles and families that now have a sound and a voice in Chambersburg and to the world.”

Maybe that neighbor of yours isn’t so different. Maybe that person you see going to work every day has a story you could learn and appreciate. Maybe that family at the festival would love nothing more than to consider you a friend. A common source of entertainment could be the key to make that happen.

Just Getting Started

This launch is just the beginning for Rhema Radio Aqui. The future is full of possibilities from broadcast radio to live disc jockeys.

Join the continuing journey by checking out Rhema Radio Aqui at

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