Man Arrested for Assaulting Multiple Women, Including a 94-Year-Old


On Monday around 6 p.m., officers from the Chambersburg Police Department (CPD) responded to an active assault in the 100 block of Greene Meadow Lane, where it was reported that a white man assaulted multiple women. The police arrived at the 900 block of Progress Road where they saw a man matching the suspect’s description. The suspect was identified as 52-year-old Jeffrey Andrew Stine.

Physical Altercation with the Police

Stine tried to punch an officer in the face, but they were able to avoid the strike and attempted to gain distance from Stine. Several verbal and less-lethal attempts to de-escalate Stine were reportedly used. However, after several failed taser deployments and pepper spray exposures, police took Stine into custody despite the resistance.

Assault of Four Women

Further investigation revealed that before police involvement, Stine had assaulted four women. Stine illegally entered a 94-year-old woman’s home and tried to sexually assault her. He then reportedly punched the woman in the face. The elderly woman suffered a brain bleed, facial fractures, and a broken femur from the assault.

Stine also punched a second woman in the face before stomping on her head. The woman sustained multiple facial fractures. He punched a third woman in the nose before grabbing a fourth woman by the arm and punching her in the back.


Stine is facing multiple charges, including two counts of Aggravated Assault, one count of Criminal Attempt – Rape, one count of Burglary, one count of Indecent Assault, and four counts of Simple assault. In addition, Stine is also facing charges for his interaction with the police, including one count of Aggravated Assault and one count of Resisting Arrest. Stine is currently in the Franklin County Jail. An updated arrest photo of Stine was not available when the CPD made the report.


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