Man Faces Charges for Alleged Confinement and Threats Against Mother and Child

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On August 29, 2023, Javar Deandre Ollins, a man without a permanent address, was charged with felony unlawful restraint of a minor by a parent, misdemeanor unlawful restraint, two counts of misdemeanor terroristic threats, and two counts of misdemeanor simple assault. Ollins remains in custody after failing to post bail of $75,000.

The Chambersburg Police Department responded to an incident at the Econo Lodge on Wayne Avenue following reports of a man threatening a woman and her child. The man involved, Javar Ollins, was already known to the police due to a previous incident. The woman and her child were also recognized by law enforcement as the mother and five-year-old son of Ollins.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers found a distressed young child outside the room, crying and screaming. Another man at the scene informed the police that Ollins possessed a knife and was making threats to stab people. Police entered the hotel room and discovered the victim in tears on the bed, with Ollins nearby. He was apprehended without resistance.

The police promptly located the knife, which Ollins allegedly indicated was on top of the microwave. Subsequent interviews with the victim revealed that an argument between her and Ollins had escalated over the course of the evening. The situation intensified when the woman attempted to leave the premises with their child. Allegedly, Ollins responded by brandishing a knife, preventing her from departing and compelling her to take refuge in a corner of the room.

Following a loud scream from the victim, another individual reportedly forced open the door to find Ollins holding the knife and the woman cornered. The Chambersburg Police Department was contacted shortly thereafter.

Javar Ollins is presently detained with bail set at $75,000. A preliminary hearing for Ollins is scheduled for September 12th.


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