Focus on training, apprenticeships: Manufacturers struggle to find workers

As many U.S. manufacturers struggle to find the highly skilled workers they need, The Manufacturers’ Association is renewing its focus on professional training and apprenticeships.

As its 115th anniversary approached, the Board and organizational leadership identified an opportunity to update its logo, visual identity, and website to reflect this renewed commitment and highlight the image of modern manufacturing.

The association relocated to a new facility earlier this year. With that relocation, it opened its Manufacturing Center of Excellence for Apprenticeship and Training center. The move expanded the Association’s industry training and education programs.

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The Association trains about 2,000 individuals annually—and expects to dramatically increase that number in the near future. It’s also aiming to grow its youth programs, such as pre-apprenticeship training for high school students.

By highlighting how manufacturing jobs have changed since the outdated stereotype of “dark, dirty, and dangerous” factory work of the past, The Manufacturers’ Association’s hopes its new brand will connect with a new generation of professionals; giving them the chance to learn specialized skills and pivot into high-paying and rewarding careers.

“As diverse as our projects and initiatives are, the big picture isn’t complicated,” said Executive Director Tom Palisin. “The Association supports manufacturers with the knowledge they need to thrive. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Palisin said the association “will not rest until the region is the manufacturing leader we know it can be.”

In addition to the rebrand and new Center of Excellence, other recent initiatives include:

  • Launching Pennsylvania’s first four-year Robotics Apprenticeship Program, and
  • Securing the recent “Schools-to-Work” state grant initiative, which will create learning opportunities for students.

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About the association

The association’s mission is to ensure the region’s manufacturing can compete at a global scale; and ensure that critical knowledge is preserved, expanded, and shared with the manufacturing professionals of tomorrow.

Since 1906, the association has been a voice for hundreds of member organizations and partners in South Central PA and Northern MD. It supports manufacturers with the knowledge they need to operate, hire, and train smarter.

Visit the association’s website here.