Mawcore: Chart-Topping Christian Rock Band Raising Funds for Next Album

Mawcore is an Alternative Modern Hard Renaissance Rock band, from America, based in South Central Pennsylvania, driven to “Flood our World with Hope-Driven Fearless Rock”. Pulling in core elements of grinding guitars, pulsing bass, pounding drums, layered electronica sounds and soring vocals, Mawcore has created their brand of Alt. Modern Hard Renaissance Rock.

The band draws upon musical influences from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and carries into the present day, stretching and barreling onward towards eternity. From the Hebrew word, meaning “Wellspring”, Mawcore taps into the central line of the hopeless, with a continual supply of hope and life, through faith-based lyrics and a mended-heart filled message. Mawcore is a 2 time winner of The Kindred Music Award and a Grizzly Awards Nominee.

They have had 3 songs go to number 2 on the National Christian Rock charts. 4 of their single releases have held the number 1 spot on many radio stations all over the nation and also internationally.

Mawcore’s songs have gone to number one on the Australian charts. They have shared the stage with some of the nation’s biggest names in Christian Rock music, such as Skillet, Red, Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Jeremy Camp and countless others. They have been featured in some many well-known magazines and now they are primed to release their sophomore release, which is packed full of creative heart hitting tunes.

Mawcore Hit Bottom Feed, Video Produced by Jesse Sprinkle

The only catch is they need the help of current and new fans to make it happen.

Looking for Your Support for the Next Album

Mawcore is currently raising support to get the new album released, so they have put together a cool little fundraiser, which has some goodies in store for each person that is able to be a financial supporter. With the help and support of everyone, they will be able to continue their vision and mission to reach the broken, the hurt, the crushed and as many people as possible with a message of the Hope and healing they have found in their relationship and journey with Jesus.

To find out more about Mawcore, become a contributor, join the family and help fuel the vision, please go to:

What Child is This – Christmas Cover by Mawcore.

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A graduate of Wilson College and The Catholic University of America, Janet taught English and Latin in Pennsylvania and was a school librarian in Virginia. 

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