Meet Clancy and Amber, CVAS pets of the week

pets of the week

Meet Clancy and Amber, this week’s CVAS pets of the week. These are just two of the amazing animals residing at area animal shelters.

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter has lots of adorable pets who are looking for forever homes. While Clancy and Amber would like to meet you, check out all the other wonderful animals available for adoption also. Go to this Animal Shelter link to see all their residents. 

CVAS encourages anyone interested in bringing a four-legged friend into their home to check out the wonderful animals available for adoptions at the shelter.

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Pets find themselves homeless for a wide variety of reasons, in need of a new home and a second chance. So if you are looking for a new furry best friend, check out the shelter’s many residents. Any of them would make a great pet and wonderful companion.

Meet Clancy, a true coonhound

Meet Clancy
Clancy is a true Coonhound.

Clancy was brought into the shelter as a stray, so we know very little about his past.

He is a true Coonhound in that he likes to howl and follows his nose. We think he’s about 11-months old and can jump fenced-in yards.

Clancy is a love bug and enjoys having his ears rubbed. He does know sit, down and paw, but ONLY if you have a treat. Clancy is a big goofy guy so he may be too much for small children in the home if they are not used to larger energetic dogs.

Pets, Because of his energy level, he is not in our adoption kennels and will require an approved application for a meet-and-greet. Clancy would love to get his second chance with you. 

Meet Amber, looking for a family of her own

Meet Amber
Amber is the sweetest, most loyaldog in the world.

If you are looking for the sweetest, most loyal dog in the world Amber is your girl. Amber came into the shelter as a stray, so we know very little about this girl’s past.

When she arrived, Amber was heavily pregnant and had a litter of puppies here at the shelter (the puppies have all found their forever homes, but mama Amber is still looking).

Amber was a wonderful, dedicated mother, but now she is ready to be someone’s baby.

Amber is leery of strangers and can be quite vocal with them. Once she gets to know you, though, you could not ask for a better companion. She seems to prefer the companionship of women over men and she will chase cats.

Because we don’t have any history on Amber and due to her shyness with strangers, an age restriction for children may apply, so be sure to talk to staff about that. Amber is not in our general population area and will need an approved application and appointment for a meet-and-greet.

Potential adopters should be aware that it might take several meetings to see if Amber is the right match.

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