Meet Floyd and Faye, CVAS pets of the week

Meet Floyd and Faye

Meet Floyd and Faye, this week’s CVAS pets of the week. Floyd and Faye are just two of the amazing animals residing at area animal shelters.

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelterhas lots of adorable pets who are looking for forever homes. While Floyd and Faye would like to meet you, check out all the other adorable animals available for adoption also. Go to thisAnimal Shelterlink to see all their residents.

CVAS encourages anyone interested in bringing a four-legged friend into their home to check out the wonderful animals available for adoptions at the shelter.

Adoptions by appointment

Adoptions now take place by appointment only, and that has worked very well. Donors have also helped with supplies and money, something very necessary to provide for the shelter’s homeless animals.

The staff’s first priority is the animals in their care. Staffers and volunteers working at the shelter have to stay healthy to care for the animals properly.

So even though Franklin County is now in the green phase of the COVID-19 mitigation, CVAS is still only allowing the public to visit the shelter by appointment.

Potential adopters can call 717-263-5791 For more information.

Floyd absolutely adores people

Meet Floyd and Faye
Floyd is a 7 year old boxer who came to the shelter as a stray

Floyd is a 7-year-old boxer. Just look at that face!

He came into us as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about him. From what we’ve seen so far, he doesn’t seem to do well with other animals. He will need to be the only four-legged baby in the house.

Floyd absolutely adores people, though and he knows sit, down and stay. If you have the right place for this sweetheart, please stop out!

Faye is looking for a forever home

Meet Floyd and Faye
Faye came to the shelter as a small kitten looking for a forever home

Faye has been at the shelter since July of 2019 when she was a small kitten. She was found in a person’s garage with her mom and sister.

Her mom and sister were adopted soon after, leaving Faye to find a home on her own. Faye is now a little over a year old and lives with Andy (another long term kitty). They have had other roommates come and go, so she doesn’t mind the company of other kitties.

Faye is on the shy side but does warm up with play and treats! She may need some time to get used to a new environment as the shelter is the only home she has known for her short life.

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