Meet Kimmie, Mia and Xanos, pets of the week


Meet Kimmie, Mia and Xanos, this week’s CVAS pets of the week. These are just two of the amazing animals residing at area animal shelters.

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter has lots of adorable pets who are looking for forever homes. While Lemon and Tangerine would like to meet you, check out all the other adorable animals available for adoption also. Go to this Animal Shelter link to see all their residents.

CVAS encourages anyone interested in bringing a four-legged friend into their home to check out the wonderful animals available for adoption at the shelter.

Pets find themselves homeless for a wide variety of reasons, in need of a new home and a second chance. So if you are looking for a new furry best friend, check out the shelter’s many residents. Any of them would make a great pet and wonderful companion.

Adoptions by appointment

Adoptions take place by appointment only, and that has worked very well. Donors have also helped with supplies and money, something very necessary to provide for the shelter’s homeless animals.

Potential adopters can call 717-263-5791 For more information.

Kimmie & Mia

Do you have the right spot for them? (Submitted photo)

Kimmie and Mia came into the shelter because their owner had to go into a nursing home. The two are 7-year-old gray girls who love each other and find comfort in each other and have never been apart. We want to keep them together because we think it’s best for them. Mia doesn’t care to be picked up too much. Kimmie is the more outgoing of the two and loves to play with toys. Could you help these two sisters not have to split up?


He’s ready for her forever home (Submitted photo)

Xanos came into the shelter with a broken leg after being hit by a car. We got him to the vet ASAP and his leg was put in a cast. He has had multiple casts and bandages during his time at the shelter to find what worked for him and he is now cast free!

His leg will always be a little crooked because of his injury and he may have a slight limp, but that doesn’t slow him down at all! Xanos will need to be on a joint supplement for the rest of his life to help keep his joints in tip top shape. He will also need regular walks because he’s an active guy. Xanos is about 2 years old and slowly getting back to using the leg that was broken. He has to work up to being allowed to run so that he does not injure himself by overdoing it.

Xanos has been a great boy throughout his recovery and has a deep love for peanut butter! He also just wants to be with people and everyone he sees. Because of his energy level, he may be too much for small children, so an age restriction may apply.

Xanos also seems a bit too interested in cats, so a home without cats would be best for him and he will require a fenced yard. Do you have the right spot for this cute boy?



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