CVAS: Meet Nemo and Sansa, pets of the week


Meet Nemo and Sansa, this week’s CVAS pets of the week. These are just two of the amazing animals residing at area animal shelters.

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter has many adorable pets looking for forever homes. While Nemo and Sansa would like to meet you, check out all the other adorable animals available for adoption also. Go to this Animal Shelter link to see all their residents.

CVAS encourages anyone interested in bringing a four-legged friend into their home to check out the wonderful animals available for adoption at the shelter.

Pets find themselves homeless for a wide variety of reasons, in need of a new home and a second chance. So if you are looking for a new furry best friend, check out the shelter’s many residents. Any of them would make a great pet and wonderful companion.

Adoptions by appointment

Adoptions take place by appointment only, and that has worked very well. Donors have also helped with supplies and money, something very necessary to provide for the shelter’s homeless animals.

Potential adopters can call 717-263-5791 For more information.


Sansa is a black lab who came into the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her. We’re guessing she’s 2 years old. Sansa is a typical lab and will do best with someone who knows the breed. She will need someone that can provide her with regular exercise and can help her work on her manners.


Sansa may be too much for small children so an age restriction for children in the home may apply, so please discuss this with shelter staff. Sansa did test positive for Lyme, but is currently on an antibiotic for it. She really loves people and wonders if you have the right place for her?


Look at little Nemo! Doesn’t that face just get you? Nemo came into the shelter as a very tiny kitten and was raised in foster care until he was old enough to be neutered. He’s now looking for his forever home. Could that be with you?



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