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Menno Haven announces donation

Menno Haven is excited to announce a $30,000 donation to COSTA Academy to be paid in increments over the next three years.

The COSTA Academy is a 501(c) 3 culinary institute in Chambersburg, Pa. It has a proven record of accomplishment in training professionals for employment in the food service industry. Through a unique blend of world-class technical skills training and compassionate teaching of soft skills, COSTA Academy produces exceptionally qualified food service professionals that become critical in the workforce for Chambersburg and the surrounding area.

Menno Haven recognizes COSTA as an innovative training program to prepare culinary students for the future and has volunteered to be a training site for students in the upcoming year. Hugh Davis, CEO of Menno Haven says, “We are incredibly thankful for COSTA Academy and the role it provides in culinary training and experience in the area. We are looking forward to helping students get a hands-on approach by offering Menno Haven as a hub for culinary education and showcasing what culinary at a retirement community looks like.”

The organization has seven dining venues and a culinary center and employs more than 100 culinary team members, and it supports the Mission of the COSTA Academy that educates students through fostering engagement, provoking confident decision making, and inspiring leaders.

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Jack G “Digger” Mellott 1926-2024

Jack was a United States Navy Veteran serving at Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, Guam, and Nagasaki during WWII. Jack enjoyed working outside and maintaining his home and property.

David M Lawver 1970-2024

Dave was a member of the Foursquare Church in Gettysburg, PA. He was employed at Shadowfax in York since 1990.

Peter Kernan McCrary 1934-2024

Pete grew up in the Washington, DC area and had fond memories of learning to sail on the Potomac River. He was an avid sailor and boat builder for the rest of his life.

Ella G Daywalt 1929-2024

Ella was employed with the Waynesboro Area School District and worked in Mowrey Elementary as a cafeteria aide for many years.

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