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MERCERSBURG — The stage has been set to streamline community planning in Mercersburg and its surrounding communities.

Borough Council has endorsed the formation of a Vibrancy Steering Committee to help create a more vibrant and economically viable business climate while ensuring sustainable services as the community grows.

It is the product of community stakeholder actions to improve short term and long term planning for Mercersburg and its surrounding communities.

The Steering Committee will hire a Municipal Planner to manage the approved local improvement projects, and review and approve grant requests for services and stakeholders in the Mercersburg area.

“Local businesses and residents must plan for the future,” said Preston Spahr, Chairman of The Board of D.L. Martin, President of Mercersburg Vibrancy Steering Committee and President of The Mercersburg Lions Club.

Spahr said change can be managed or can be left to chance.

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“We want to engage the community through an open door policy to get it done”

Preston Spahr, Chairman of The Board

Spahr said a good example is the community’s fire and EMS services.

“The viability of first responder services is in everyone’s mutual interest,” he said.

Other goals include attracting visitors by providing activities that promote personal health and wellness.

“Mercersburg has a rich cultural history,” Spahr said. “We have so much to offer.”

The Vision

The vision of The Mercersburg Vibrancy Committee is to enhance and preserve the community’s local assets like:

  • Fire / EMS
  • Sustainment Public Infrastructure and Services including water & sewer
  • Multimodal Transportation Solutions
  • Recreation opportunities and variety including walkability & bikeability
  • Main Street Economic Vibrancy

Public meetings are planned to create a dialogue with local residents and businesses, enabling the community to influence the committee’s direction.

The first public meeting will be Monday, July 29, 2019, at 6:30 PM, in the One North Coffee and Bake Shop on the Mercersburg square.

Find out more about The Mercersburg Vibrancy Steering Committee by stopping by their booth at The Mercersburg Fair, August 11th -17th. The fair is held at The Mercersburg Lions Club Park at 405 S. Park Avenue in Mercersburg.

The second public meeting will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019, at 6:30 PM, also at the One North Coffee and Bake Shop on the Mercersburg square.

Local residents should also provide input by completing The Mercersburg Vibrancy survey.

Membership in the Steering Committee is comprised of a cross-section of local community stakeholders including: Borough Council, businesses, nonprofits, and residents.  

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