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Meritus Medical Center Steps Up to Fill Pediatric Care Gap in Tri-State Area

In a significant move to address the pediatric healthcare needs in the tri-state area, Meritus Medical Center has announced an expansion of its pediatric care services. This announcement comes at a critical time, following the recent discontinuation of inpatient pediatric care at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital.

WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital, a key healthcare provider in Pennsylvania, ceased its inpatient pediatric services on December 22. This decision, influenced by changes in its partnership with Keystone Health, has led to a noticeable gap in high-acuity pediatric care in the region. While Chambersburg Hospital will continue to offer various pediatric services such as emergency and surgical care, the community’s need for comprehensive pediatric healthcare remains unmet.

Addressing this urgent need, Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown has reaffirmed its commitment to providing extensive pediatric care. Dr. Anand Budi, Meritus’ Chief Medical Officer and a seasoned neonatologist and pediatrician, emphasized the importance of accessible pediatric care, especially during the viral illness season post-holidays. “The risk of hospitalization in infants and toddlers is significantly higher, making accessible care crucial,” Dr. Budi stated.

Meritus Medical Center offers a range of pediatric services, including a dedicated pediatric urgent care clinic and 24/7 pediatric care at their main facility. They have also ensured the availability of pediatric hospitalists, catering to children from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Chief Strategy Officer Dave Lehr highlighted the center’s commitment: “We believe our neighbors from the tri-state region deserve care close to home. Ensuring that families don’t have to travel hours for essential healthcare is our priority.” Meritus also accepts Pennsylvania insurances, including Medicaid, and offers options for uninsured families.

The strategic expansion of Meritus Medical Center’s pediatric services is seen as a beacon of hope for families in the region. It represents not only a response to a healthcare gap but also an embodiment of community responsibility and care.

As families navigate the challenges of finding reliable pediatric care, Meritus Medical Center’s initiatives offer reassurance and support. The center’s dedication to providing quality care without the burden of travel is a commendable step towards a healthier, more accessible future for the children in the tri-state area.


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