New Poll Shows 65% Want Their Weed Legalized


Franklin County — Two seperate polls conducted by Franklin County Free Press show that 65% of Franklin County respondents want marijuana legalized. These polls are supported by a recent CBS Poll and Gallup Poll found that 65% of Americans want marijuana legalized and a Pew Research Poll found that 62% are in favor.

We ran one poll on our website and one poll on Facebook. The poll on our website showed that 65% of respondents were in favor of legalization and 35% were opposed. On our facebook poll the number for legalization was slightly higher at 68% for and 32% opposed.

This fact shows the attitude difference by age. Our average website reader is 50 years old and our average facebook follower is 40 years old. That 10 year gap accounts for a 3% shift in attitude.

The numbers indicate that the younger you are the more likely you are to be in favor of legalization and the older you are the more likely you are to be against legalization of marijuana.

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This study also suggests that 2 out of every 3 people you know are probably already smoking the ganja. Even some law enforcement officers are now in favor of legalization.

“We are bogging down the criminal justice system right now with marijuana charges.”

Anthony Minium – Steelton, PA Chief of Police

In a recent story about Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s “Marijuana Listing Tour“, four state legislators have announced they will boycott the Chambersburg tour event.

The state legislators, Rep. John Hershey(R-82),Rep. Rob Kauffman(R-89),Rep. Paul Schemel(R-90) andRep. Jesse Topper, (R-78) issued a press release April 18 stating they would not attend and casting doubt about the legitimacy of the tour.

Their statement generated quite a bit of criticism, even from some of their supporters. Social media was abuzz with outrage at the four.

“If these four local state reps truly cared what their constituents think, then they would show up, take a seat in the audience and listen to both sides.”

Alaina Ingels from Waynesboro

It should be noted that with 65% for legalizing marijuana, there are 35% that are against it.

Opposing the Legislation

The reasons for opposing are as wide and varied as the reasons for supporting it. The most common reason seems to hinge on the effects that marijuana have on society and health.

In the Federalist Papers, James Madison argued that we must always be on guard against “tyranny of the majority”. If ever that was true, this would be it.

If you oppose legalization, your side has the upper hand. The majority of the Pennsylvania legislative body oppose the legalization of marijuana. If the 65% that want it do not apply enough pressure, the bill will not pass.

“Don’t confuse a few stoner posts on Facebook or some blog as evidence of anything other than noise. Believe it or not, these Reps do get constituent feedback and act on it. I can absolutely tell you from experience that the vast majority of people in Franklin County want nothing to do with legalization. Potheads, and libertarians make a lot of noise but don’t do well in elections in conservative areas, or actually in the nation as a whole (about 3-4%). Truth is, most people around here are smart and principled enough to know it’s a bad idea.”

Dwight Weidman – Retired Chairman, Franklin County Republican Party

However crossing your fingers and hoping for a favorable outcome only works out 50% of the time in your favor. If you want to ensure victory you will need to speak twice as loud.

You can best do that with a letter to the editor. Your representatives read this newspaper, we know this because they have shared several stories on social media.

Letter to the Editor

If there was ever a time to mobilize, it is now. Attend the Marijuana Listening meeting Thursday and express your views on the matter.

“Medicinally Sounds Fine… Already Enough Burnouts Running Around”

Andrew Sanchez from Greencastle

Call your representative and express your views against legalizing marijuana.

Representative Democracy vs Direct Democracy

What can you do when your representatives will not listen to the majority? Well the easiest way to to write a Letter to the Editor. (Use the form above)

Another path is to join or support the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. They are working toward the full legalization of cannabis in Pennsylvania in a step by step process.

You can vote them out of office in the next election, or even better, run for office yourself.

“This reflects our national drift towards dictatorship. No need for open debate on issues? No need for legislators to listen to their constituents? Our GOP reps have decided for us what the right course is. Remember this in November 2020.”

Tom Neveil from Chambersburg

David Taylor is Franklin County Free Press’ IT specialist and co-founder of the publication. He is a 1979 graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Published on April 19, 2019
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