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CHAMBERSBURG — Be careful when responding to emails offering lucrative deals for surveys and mystery shoppers, local price warn.

They could be scams costing those who respond big bucks.

Chambersburg police issued a warning about such scams last week after the received a report about one.

The perpetrator sent out emails advertising that people could get paid to complete online surveys.

When someone would respond to the email, they would then be asked for personal information (Name, phone number, street address).

The person would then be sent a set of instructions on a fraudulent WalMart letterhead telling them to buy money orders and send to the perpetrator.

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They would then complete a questionnaire about their experience buying the money order.

The person was promised Wal-Mart  gift cards in return. They were also told the money orders would not be cashed, just checked for quality.

“Please do not send your personal information or money to anyone if you are not 100% sure of their identity,” police said in a news release.

If you believe you or someone you know is a victim of a scam or have any information regarding potential scammers, contact police.

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