Business Spotlight: Local Veteran Starts a National Fitness Franchise

Business Spotlight: Local Veteran Starts a National Fitness Franchise

Local Army veteran Frankie Serrano, the owner of THE8BLOCK Fitness Studio, has started a National Fitness Franchise.

The first Flagship fitness studio is local here in Chambersburg. THE8BLOCK Franchise is now available on the market in over 20 states.

Why THE8BLOCK? How Is It Unlike Any Other Fitness Facility?

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  • Each facility offers Celebrity & Athlete Type Unconventional Training
  • Every workout is always different
  • Each class is led by an energetic coach wearing a headset to enhance motivation
  • Every facility will offer Fitness, recovery and nutrition services including a Meal Replacement Smoothie Bar
  • THE8BLOCK ends clients experience by handing them a cool lavender infused towel to wipe off all of their hard work.

THE8BLOCK flagship Fitness Studio has undergone major changes to include equipment upgrade and Facility remodeling.

The newly remodeled Chambersburg facility opened with an all-day open house earlier this month with walk-thrus, demonstrations and giveaways.

The Serrano File

Frankie Serrano, born and raised in New York, served in the United States Army while stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina as a United States Paratrooper. He is a US government law enforcement officer.

Serrano has over 20 years of experience in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry. His passion for the industry led him to open The BLOCK in 2016.

The BLOCK offered unconventional type exercises in a Garage Warehouse setting. His wife, Annette Serrano, came on board as a Certified Trainer to assist with coaching classes, managing the facility and daily operations.

The Studio and its services quickly became popular, thanks to the type of workouts that they specialized in and the results their clients were achieving.

Soon after, Frankie realized that THE BLOCK was outgrowing its space.

Last January the Serranos relocated the facility to Wayne Avenue and Frankie started working on the Franchise System to provide facilities that would yield the same results nationwide.

With franchising details finalized in November, THE8BLOCK became available as a franchise in over 20 States across the United States.

Three Different Studio Models

Model A is a smaller model.

The next size up is Model B, double the size of Model A.

Model C is the largest model. This model has several Saunas, Tanning Booths, Showers and Locker Rooms.

The Flagship Studio in Chambersburg is a Model A.

All studios have a Meal Replacement Bar open to the public, not only studio members.

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