Need a Passport Renewal? Apply Early

The processing time for passport renewals and new applications has increased significantly, causing concerns for travelers looking to venture abroad. The United States Department of State has reported that routine passport applications now take between 10 to 13 weeks to process, while expedited applications take approximately 7 to 9 weeks.

This delay is an issue for individuals who are in need of a passport but have not yet applied or need to renew an expired one. With international travel resuming and people eager to explore foreign destinations once again, travelers must act fast and ensure they have all the necessary paperwork to submit their applications as soon as possible.

The Department of State has advised those who require a passport to review the application process and gather all necessary documents beforehand to minimize any delays. Individuals can find more information about applying for a passport on the Department of State’s website.

The increase in processing times is likely due to a combination of factors, including an influx of passport applications following the COVID-19 pandemic, a backlog of applications due to reduced staffing at passport agencies, and increased safety measures.