New car wash to open in December

new car wash

A new franchise car wash is coming to Chambersburg soon, with distinctive features that franchise partner John Gay hopes will excite the community as much as it excites him. Tommy’s Express Car Wash opens at 825 Norland Avenue early in December.

New car wash
From Left: Glenn Nolt – Ames Construction Site Superintendent; John Gay – Chambersburg Location Manager and Dewey Yoder – Ames Construction Project Manager. (Submitted photo)

A grand opening was tentatively set for this month when ground was broken in March. Then the Coronavirus pandemic shut down construction for six weeks. Gay was disappointed with the delay, but accepted it as necessary, glad it only lasted six weeks.

“Besides the forced shutdown, the construction project has been relatively seamless up to this point,” he said in a recent interview.

The “soft” opening date has moved to December 9. As the new grand opening day gets closer, the huge tunnel car wash is taking shape and attracting some attention as people drive by the construction site on Norland Avenue just west of Sonic Drive In.

It will include a ribbon cutting, food and beverages, giveaways and more.

The franchise is known for its reimagined, modern car wash equipment, a striking architectural design and extremely speedy visits. The car wash has water conserving features, a dual belt conveyor system and license plate recognition. The last feature lets customers sign up and download a Tommy’s app on their smart phones. Then the reader automatically admits member vehicles into the car wash.

Tommy’s Car Wash features

The car wash also has self-serve interior vacuum stations for customers use. An entry wall photo depicting local scenery personalizes the car wash, making local customers feel at home.

The car wash has another feature that might be unheard of with most car washes, but sets Tommy’s franchises apart. They can accommodate big trucks.

The business will support the local economy by employing about 20 people. Gay is taking applications right now for a Manager/Site Leader. The goal is to have this position filled within the next 2 – 3 weeks. Other staff hires will take place in November. Interested applicants can see a job description, qualification requirements and other relevant information by clicking here.

Some features that sets Tommy’s apart from its competitors include:

  • There will be 4 different wash level choices
  • There will be 4 monthly club membership choices
  • Monthly club members pay 1 flat rate per month and wash an unlimited time each month
  • Monthly club members are not locked into a contract, they can cancel at any time
  • Free vacuums with any wash purchase 
  • a wash that recognizes the size and shape of your vehicle and has you covered from every angle.

The Chambersburg  location brings the total number of Tommy’s Express Car Wash facilities across the nation to ninety-three, with more than twenty-nine future sites currently in development in the United States and abroad.  


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