Franklin County Commissioners: No new taxes in 2021

no new taxes

Franklin County Commissioners kept their promise of “no new taxes” by adopting a tentative 2021 $154 million budget this week.  This represents a $8.9  million decrease from October’s preliminary budget, and $4 million less than 2020’s tentative budget.   

The total property tax millage rate remains unchanged at 29.1 mills, with a general operating millage of 25.0 and debt service millage of 4.1.

When they made the “no new taxes” pledge, commissioners were unsure how this year’s pandemic and resultant business closures would affect revenues.     

“We thank our staff for their dedication in bringing us a budget with no tax increase for general operations for the fifth year in a row while addressing the priorities of the Board,” stated Franklin County Commissioner and Chairman Dave Keller. 

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Reflecting priorities

The 2021 budget reflects funding to accomplish the following priorities:

  • Streamline government and delivery of services through the use of, and improvements to, technology; 
  • Maintain services that support county citizens by funding programs for human services and  veterans;
  • Maintain public safety and security;
  • Consider staffing, with a focus on operational priorities; provide competitive pay and benefits, as well as the resources that staff need to perform their jobs.  

With the Court Facility Improvement Project construction well underway, the $20.6 million budgeted for 2021 is part of a capital expenditures total budget of $22.7 million. 

The Court Facility Improvement Project allocation for 2021 is part of a $55 million bond issued in 2018. 

“We will continue to ensure the Court Facility Improvement Project stays on schedule and within budget,” said Commissioner John Flannery.

“Isupportthe2021budget,”saidCommissionerBobZiobrowski.“Weareabletomaintain60 days of reserveswithoutamillageincreasebyusingone-time transfers. Next year we will have to decide whether to cutservices orincreasemillagetobalancethe2022budget.”

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