Chambersburg government: No raises for borough employees next year


There will be no cost of living raises for Chambersburg’s employees in 2021, Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill said recently.

The borough and two of its unions have reached an agreement for new 2-year contracts. Those contracts extend the unions current contracts without cost of living raises in 2021. They include a 3% raise in 2022.

No raises
Chambersburg Council president Alice Elia and Mayor Walt Bietsch
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Stonehill cited the COVID-19 health emergency and its potential impact on the borough’s finances as the reason for the one-year moratorium on salary increases for borough employees.

Police officers represented by the Chambersburg Police Officers Association approved an extension on their current collective bargaining agreement on July 13. The current contract expires the end of December.

That extension, approved by vote of the police officers and ratified by Chambersburg Town Council, extended the current labor pact for two more years, 2021 and 2022.

Non-uniform employees, mostly utility workers and utility support workers, approved an extension on their current collective bargaining agreement Sept. 29. That contract would also have expired at the end of 2020.

The extension carried the same cost-of-living increase terms as the police contract.

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Bonus incentive for ‘essential employees’

Current employees who have worked to keep the lights on, the water flowing, and the borough operating during the pandemic this year will receive a one-time “essential employee recognition incentive” paid either in January 2022 or upon retirement, if they retire before that date.

Stonehill did not say how much that incentive will be.

“Generally when the union and Council strike a deal, we extend the details of that labor agreement to the non-union employees of the Borough,” Stonehill said.

Those employees include the clerical, technical, and supervisory employees such as department heads, assistants, and field supervisors.

He said he anticipates non-union employees will also receive a 0% cost of living increase in 2021. That will be fixed by Council during 2021 budget approval later this year.

The Borough of Chambersburg has four employee groups: the police officers; career firefighters represented by the International Association of Fire Fighters Local #1813; the non-uniform employees; and non-union clerical, technical, and supervisory employees.

Wages and benefits are now settled for all four groups for the 2021 budget year.

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